Video Production

Video Production

WebSoMedia video production is  based in Northern California, offering creative development, video production, photography, and post-production services. Our clients include  agencies, small businesses, nonprofits, authors, education, government, marketing firms, and more.

We specialize in high quality, effective, affordable video production and our process is strategic and simple; it begins with a conversation. We ask. We listen. We discover your unique story. We understand your audience. And we’re able to develop new creative concepts or help you bring an existing idea to life.

We manage every aspect of video production from creative concept development, storyboarding, scriptwriting, casting, lighting design, to directing on-screen talent, shooting, and all post-production. We provide a variety of solutions to match your production needs and budget.

Video has always been one of the most engaging mediums for marketing and advertising purposes; however, until recently… there were only a limited number of places to distribute video content. All of that has now changed.  Much like the early days of the digital revolution, this is an excited time for video. We’re helping clients across the world connect with their audience in meaningful and creative ways, and the results are undeniable.

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As more consumers use smart phones over computers, QR (Quick Response) codes are adding to the ever changing Social Media craze. That’s why so many marketing campaigns are using anything and everything possible to display their QR code in hopes of reaching their customers. Nonetheless, do businesses really think that people will be chasing down each other to scan a QR Code from their clothing? QR codes can be a good way to drive customers to your website, video, or any file loaded on to a server. However, it is much easier to scan them from a non moving object than from a person running away while you try to scan a QR code off their clothing.twoQRCodePeople

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